About me

In a nutshell…
In 1999 after a long career in retail management, I decided to enter the insurance field.  I was a single mom with two small children at the time and the hours worked better with raising a family.  I was a sales agent with the Auto Club (AAA), selling property and casualty insurance for several years.  It was during this period of time that I realized my passion was in helping others and problem solving, which didn’t always coincide with making the sales goals.  I left my sales position and spent the next few years providing customer service and managing the office of an independent insurance agency close to home.  In 2008,  I obtained my health/life insurance license with the state of California;  I sold one life insurance policy before being lured back into retail.  I was approached with an offer to take a position as an Assistant Store Manager for a well known local retailer.  The offer was too good to pass up and I was also remarried at this point, so the retail hours worked for my family and provided benefits for us as well.  Having health insurance for my family has always been a priority and I was thankful for that benefit, but I observed part-time employees struggle with health insurance costs and worse, struggle to pay for treatment when uninsured.  After several years retail management was no longer fun or fulfilling,   I reached out to Covered California, which was just in the process of being created, to find out how I could get involved in assisting and enrolling our uninsured population.  I have partnered with Covered California since the very first open enrollment in November 2013, and have stuck with them through all their growing pains. I have personally enrolled hundreds of clients in both on and off exchange plans and have pretty much seen it all. I am confident I can assist you, or at the very least point you in the right direction for health coverage options.  I’m excited to continue my partnership with Covered California, going into our sixth year.
In my spare time my husband and I love to travel and explore antique stores and estate sales. I am all about helping our environment and making as small a footprint as possible, my motto is renew-reuse-recycle. My kids are now in their 20’s, my son is in the US Air Force and my daughter attends community college and works as a receptionist at a local nail salon.