Dental & Vision

Dental plans are available both on and off exchange (Covered California). On exchange plans are un-subsidized, and only available to individuals enrolled in a Covered California health plan.
EyeMed, Superior Vision and VSP individual vision plans are available to Covered California members directly through the carriers.

EyeMed (844) 225-3107  | Superior Vision (833) 393-5433 | VSP (800) 410-1857

Whether your health insurance is on or off the exchange, you may purchase a dental plan off of the exchange any time throughout the year. You may also be in an employer sponsored health plan that doesn’t offer dental insurance, or be on Medicare and enroll in an off-exchange dental insurance plan. There are many dental insurance plans in the market place. We will help you find the plan that works best for you and your budget. We represent several carriers off exchange to assist with your dental and vision needs. 
Dental and vision care for kids is an essential covered health benefit through the ACA (Affordable Care Act),  and is included in their heath plan.